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The mission of TPVS is to develop and market core computer security and cryptographic solutions with a special emphasis on exploiting the power and flexibility of its unique UPE (universal program encryption) technology based on a mathematical breakthrough in cryptography.

We build not only a more secure and flexible computing and networking environment also provide better intellectual property protection for any kind of software and digital content. We expect our UPE technology with its unparalleled power and flexibility to reshape the computer and data security industry in the coming years.

UPE technology is capable of making from one executable program an other one without any clue to help to figure out what and how it does this. Each of the particular features of the original program occurs "everywhere," so no one can localize any one of them. What we make from the original program by UPE is in a sense something like a "hologram" and functions like a "black box".

Unlike text encryption, which is passive, UPE is an active form of encryption, so it poses unique dangers and makes special constraints on our business strategy, especially on our business and development models, working environment and methods of attracting investment and talent.

To fully utilize the unparalleled features and flexibility of the UPE technology, our philosophy is modular design of our products. It makes possible expansion to the existing IT systems, supports further, step by step upgrade and expansion, smooth integration of and adapt to new technological developments and interoperability of different TPVS devices and technologies and user-specific solutions to satisfy the specific needs of a particular customer.

We are committed to protecting privacy, freedom and intellectual property.

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