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Secure key hiding - Against unauthorized copying and for preserving program- or content-integrity.

Tamper-proof client-server relationship - Gives total control over the interaction between clients and servers. As a special case, one can have total control over the rights issued to users of a software.

Tamper-proof software / data integrity check - Prevents modification or unauthorized execution of not trusted programs. That is a protection against certain kind of viruses, worms and trojans.

Circuit encryption - Against reverse engineering of circuits.

Blinded search tools for encrypted data - A must for database builders.

Encrypted data aggregation - One can collect and share and evaluate private data without compromising privacy.


Training - Computer and data security training with special emphasis on using our tamper-proof solutions.

Courses - General computer and data securitycourses with special emphasis on our UPE technology.

Consulting - We overview your system and explain how to use UPE to improve its security.

Ordering products  Consulting services  Support

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