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Customer support

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Alert! Alert! TPVS, we have a problem ... - Treating security breaches

If problems arise - If you think that any of our products have any kind of problems, with special emphasis on security, please, contact us.

Before contact - Before contacting please check the manual of the product and our FAQ.

Provide enough info - Also, you should provide the product name, ID, key, the vendor, the particular settings in which the error has occurred and a precise description of the error.  If the product was specially tailored, please provide the modification logs.

Use secure channels - Use secure e-mail or other secure channels for communication. Here are our public keys.

All errors or problems have to be reproducible.

Responsibility - If the error or problem is in relation with the security of the product and the security breach is TPVS's responsibility then you get back your  money according to our money back guarantee policy. We do cover only security related errors or problems. No other errors or problems are covered.

Policy - We report every security breach immediately to our customers, without technical details which may help to exploit them. If our upgrade is ready, we make it available immediately. The patches will be encrypted, so decreasing the possibility of exploits. If users upgraded, we make as much info available as possible about the nature of the security breach and possible threats, detection of possible compromise in the past etc.


Consulting - Establish your success by careful and informed preparations

Security requirement analysis - Our specialists will help you to analyze your security requirements. Overview your business model from security point of view and if necessary help to improve it. We help to find the appropriate threat model and most optimal defense strategies, methods and products. If necessary, we tailor our products to your special needs.

Product demonstration - Our specialists present you our products at a place you request. We let you try out our software and hardware products.

Financial planning - In case of a large project, we help you to divide it into several phases to to fit into your budget and business growth plans. Our modular design and flexibility makes constant upgrading, tailoring and improvement possible. We can add new and new complexity to our products as your budget, business, expectations, environment and needs grow or change.

Mission ready delivery - We deliver equipment and install software if requested. We perform compatibility and security tests in your real business environment during your real mission. We  observe its functionality and security and make suggestion for changes if necessary.

Seminars - We hold seminars for your trusted employees about IT security. We teach them good security practices and attitudes and help them to develop a security conscious mindset. Naturally, we focus on issues related to our products but as the logic of the subject or the customer requires we cover other topics too.

Risk assessment and demonstration - We help to assess your security risks, to find the appropriate threat model. If necessary we hold demonstrations or seminars to understand them better. This is a must for anybody whose business depends strongly on IT security, especially for financial institutions or for insurance companies covering e-commerce or the internet.

For more details see also our consulting services page.

Engineering - The technical foundation of your security

Implementation - Our experts will specify and implement your security methods, tools and software by their appropriate configuration and tailoring.

On-site survey and system analysis - We will carry out on-site analysis where our security products will be installed and used. We provide user specific solutions and by our modular design we take your possible future needs and developments into account.

User specific modular design - We will make adaptation of our crypto products to comply with your system specifications. We will evaluate non-crypto equipment, software or business practices and provide an entire system solution. We provide, construct and develop special interface.

Product development - If there is no suitable product on the market, but we are capable of developing it by our powerful and flexible universal program encryption (UPE) technology, then we may develop the desired product for you. Also, if you have a software product which you want to extend by powerful security features, we may implement and fully integrate it. Usually, this requires some changes in the product design, so it may be essentially a joint product development. If you are interested, the resulting product - may be after some modification - can be sold jointly to third parties. Details depend very much on the actual product and customers.

Research - If there is no known or optimal solution for your security problems but we suspect that it may be solved by applying our UPE technology, we may try to solve it through (possibly joint) research projects.

Product verification and explanation - Although UPE is not open so far, all the other part of the product design and more conventional algorithms and their implementation we make open to you or your experts to verify independently the cryptographic functions after signing a non-disclosure agreement. Except the UPE algorithm, we do everything to help them in this verification process. This include training, documentation and expert explanation both the design and the algorithms. If UPE will be patented and will be open, then of course its explanation also will be included. In the future some of the checks also may happen through zero knowledge proof systems. If available, we provide software verification proof logs by automated verification tools.

On-site encryption - If you do not want to submit your software from your secure environment to our labs, we may encrypt it or add new security functions to it on your site under your supervision. We strongly suggest this method if your software is very valuable or it or its security functions are highly confidential.

After sales support - The way of keeping your security

Evaluation - We evaluate on a regular basis your security practices, system security and the integration of our products into your business. We provide help, advice and upgrade if necessary.

Upgrades and updates - As your business develops you may need new functions, better performance or improving security practices. We provide user specific upgrades. If our products are developed further then we make them available by new software releases or patches. This is for free if they are related to security breaches.

Service - We provide maintenance service and security evaluation to your equipment or software. It can be at our labs or on-site, depending on your needs or security requirements.

System maintenance - Our experts or operators can maintain, operate or check your system on-site or remotely with our secure remote system administration tools. You can even hire your security stuff from us or through of us.

Real time response - No system is fully secure. Mathematical models of threats do not fully cover real attacks. Human ingenuity does not know bounds in attacking systems. New and new mind boggling methods are invented every day. Almost non of them attacks the underlying mathematics of the security systems but circumvent it by invalidating their assumptions. To detect and answer the attacks you need expert human eyes, evaluation, participation and control. Security is not so much a static state but a capability to respond challenges in real time. Notoriously difficult because you have to be prepared for the unexpected, the (for you) unimaginable. If your business needs the highest possible security or the stakes are very high, you have to run your security operations by professionals. We provide such experts to maintain the highest possible security level of your business related to our products who provide real time answers to challanges.

Logistic support - We help to develop appropriate long term maintenance concepts and security practices for situations when you have to / want to operate without our help. In case of hardware equipment we provide spare parts plans.

Everyday technical support - We provide support for day-to-day operations and problems that may occur while operating your system. Remote diagnosis, troubleshooting and hotline help.

Special support packages - Any part of our support services tailored to your special needs. This way by fixed maintenance costs you can ensure economically your systems continuous and secure operations.

Project realization - To achieve your goals

Project management - For complex projects, for non-standard tools and methods, for product development or research to ensure delivery of the goals of agreement. Personal responsibility and accountability will stand behind every project. This way we ensure product quality, integrity, on-time delivery, performance and security as expected.

Training courses and seminars - We hold on IT related subjects with special emphasis on our products and technology. They range can be from formal lectures to informal question & answers sessions from the level of beginners to experts.

Product acceptance and testing - Both in our labs or on-site our experts can be asked for acceptance testing before or after delivery.

Installation - Our experts will install and put your system in operation and make security and performance tests to ensure your satisfaction.

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