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Security is a process. It is not only a technology, but also a state of mind. As in ordinary life, we automatically close the door, or turn off the iron and gas when we leave the house, in cyberspace we also have to develop good and working security habits. But cyberspace is new, ever evolving, counter intuitive and too abstract for most of the people. Even for most computer professionals, it is difficult to develop appropriate habits and behavior supporting computer and communication security.

One of the nicest and most exciting thing about UPE is its highly flexible encryption technology. So we can tailor it to the needs, habits and intuition of the particular group of users more appropriately as ever before. But it is still not a panacea. One need a lot of hard learning, determination and commitment to acquire the necessary habits and behavior correction. 

Nowadays, by the advent of powerful encryption technologies and protocols the technology is not the main problem anymore. The weakest link in the chain of security is not technology but humans, with their habits, behavior and attitudes.

A more secure computing environment 

requires a change in your habits not only in your technology!

To help to improve security related behavior and attitude we hold courses on aspects related to the everyday application of our powerful and flexible UPE (universal program encryption) technology.

We also hold Popular lectures (2 hours) for big audiences about the possibilities and dangers of UPE.

For further information and availability feel free to contact us.

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