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For database developers

Functions  Applications

By the unparalleled flexibility of UPE technology one can implement any restriction on data base access.

We have developed the following functions, but, we can and if requested we do ,implement practically anything one can imagine. Each of these functions causes a constant factor of slowdown, independent of the size of the database(s). By using special chips or FPGA extensions one can prevent this slowdown. If you need additional features, we implement it in a few days!

Some functions which are implemented:

Some possible privacy friendly applications:

If privacy is really protected by unbreakable cryptography, all the participants (both corporate and private) will be more willing to share crucial data in almost any field. There will be dramatic changes in the exchange of scientific ideas and data, especially in medical research, and, of course, better tailored financial policies, more reliable tests and questionaries, better and personalized customer services will also be made possible by this technology.

These relatively simple applications of the flexible UPE technology alone may revolutionize several fields, though some of them has been notorious (so far).

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