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For insurance companies
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Our revolutionary, unique and flexible universal program encryption (UPE) technology solves such notorious and otherwise incurable problems, as software and some form of digital content piracy while preserving the integrity of the programs. In its fully developed form it may resolve one of the biggest key conflict in cyberspace, namely the conflict between the demand (both from the side of customers and merchants) for personalized advertisement together with various services and the increasing expectations of and fear from privacy. It may also help to establish a more balanced crypto policy.

On the other hand, by its universality UPE poses some new dangers. If UPE is not introduced with the utmost caution and honesty its malicious use may ruin the burgeoning information economy.  We predict that due to its simplicity its invention and usage is unavoidable. If your insurance company insures web related business, the use of this new technology may affect your business dramatically. The effects can be positive or negative depending on your attitudes.

The revolutionary UPE technology adds some new risks to your web related business. But, on the other hand, it also provides protection against old and new dangers. To assess your new risks and to learn how to resolve them, please contact us and use our consulting services. Every question is welcomed and answered thoroughly, unless it compromises our mission.

We provide special consulting services for insurance companies.

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