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For super and distributed network computer users and providers
UPE is a must for you!

Shortcomings  Bottleneck  Political

Two different large scale computing business models suffer from the same shortcomings:

So far these problems have not been solved satisfactorily and this caused a bottleneck for such a business. The good news is that our powerful novel universal program encryption (UPE) technology solves this problem once and for all.

By UPE you can run your program securely even on a not trusted environment!

Unfortunately, it causes a slowdown. But by optimizing for encryption your software - and in the long run, the providers hardware this slowdown can be minimized. To make your program optimal, it may take some redesign. We help you to assess these problems by our consulting services.

Unfortunately, some political problem may arise because of usage restrictions on supercomputers. The regulation of distributed network computing is far more murky. On these issues please consult with your providers.

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