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For digital content providers
Solutions for one of your most flexing problems.

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Digital content providers suffer from a plague - piracy. So far no truly satisfying solutions have been found. Peer-to-peer file distribution systems, like Napster, made the already bad situation even worse. The industry is searching for solutions, some participants even think they fight for their survival. All existing protection using cryptography could be circumvented because the key checking technology is made ``in the clear''.

TPVS revolutionary universal program encryption (UPEtechnology is based on a mathematical breakthrough in cryptography. As a special case, it makes a ``hologram'' from the previously mentioned key hiding technology and some other parts of the program.

Applying the secure key hiding technology of TPVS your content protection software cannot be cracked, modified or even reverse engineered, provided that severe degradation of the content by the attacker is not tolerated. By applying the full power of the universal program encryption (UPE) technology one can prevent reverse engineering completely. Neither your competitors nor criminals will have chance to steal your ideas and methods!

<>By a tamper-proof server-client relationship (a version of our secure key hiding technology) you can have control over the number of copies of your content even if some of your customers are willing to give away the access keys.

In all the above cases, if the protection is cracked or compromised in any other way in the given guarantee period, and TPVS is responsible you will get 95% of your money back. We strongly suggest you to take out insurance for this period.

The guarantee period lasts 1 year or 3 years. For longer periods we have special pricing, which is determined individually. If the stakes are high we highly recommend you to take out insurance after and even during the guarantee period.

We can also build more flexible copyright protection solutions. For example fixing the number of times your users can listen / see the content in a given period, say, 6 times at most, listening / viewing only 20% of the material, playing only if GPS data matches. Restrictions on the listening / viewing environment, all the usual DRM (Digital Rights Management) solutions, and a lot of other possibilities (practically anything which can be realized by a computer program) are waiting for you. These solutions provide you a flexible precision tool to create very sophisticated business models to target your audience by incredible precision and efficiency to increase your profit and the popularity of your content. (Check the planned projects list to have an idea of TPVS's possible capabilities.)

But do not expect impossible things from us. The copy protection of  visual or audio digital content, if degradation of data is allowed, is not solved. It is probably unsolvable by watermarking and fingerprinting technologies. They always can be circumvented, whatever they creators are stating. And anyway, what a human eye can see, or ear can listen it can be recorded by high quality recorders. If someone is willing to pay this, after all not too high price and some degradation of quality, then no one can protect your digital content but the Thought Police.

The only thing what one can do is to make the price of illegal copying and access higher. But there is no clear cut exponential gap, like in other part of cryptography which makes things clear. It is more like a mud fight. To win this mud fight you have to have a detailed knowledge of your adversaries. They motivation, methods, technical devices, technical expertise, ethics (well, even criminals have some kind of), business methods and financial strength. It is especially important to learn what they do not like to do and what is difficult to automate.

TPVS secure key hiding and tamper-proof server-client relationship technology, if degradation of digital content can be only very limited, makes illegal copying and access truly impossible. (Well, it means that it is equivalent of solving NP hard problems.) This prevents direct copying of files, the cheapest form of attack. This is also the most dangerous because both the quality and the file format is not changed.

By using encryption and watermarking / fingerprinting, it also makes possible a building of players (for example CD, MP3 or DVD) which allow to play only undegraded content from certain vendors, but not other content. But on the other hand it is a big question whether it is lawful and / or the market accepts it, and there will not be a "traitor" among the producers.

On the other hand, if huge degradation of data (rap music, porno, where sometimes the worst is the "best"...) or change in file format, size or compression method and quality is tolerated, one can cause only delays and costs for the crackers. So the substantial part of revenues have to be collected in this interim period between publishing and cracking. This also means very severe limits on what and how to produce and sell, what kind of marketing is useful, etc. One can also limit the set of crackers by requiring special expertise or tools. So they will be more traceable and will be exposed more for costs.

It is also very important to notice that the UPE technology makes possible truly secure peer-to-peer computing, the nightmare of digital content providers, but also great promise for better resource and information sharing. It would be important to develop the copyright protection and peer-to-peer computing technologies hand in hand to avoid serious conflict of interest.

By our consulting services we help you to find the appropriate threat model, protection methods or even business model. Contact us to learn more.

We also invite you to participate in our joint development projects and / or to invest in TPVS and to develop the tools / products you need the most together. We strongly suggest you to check the planned projects list to have an idea of TPVS's possible capabilities. (It is quite possible that we are not aware of your hidden desires - even though we are capable of realizing them ...)

We plan several projects which may affect the recording industry. For example we would update file sharing systems to be totally copyright friendly.

Before ordering or starting a joint development project the business and the threat model have to be clearly specified, because the copy protection of  visual or audio digital content, if degradation of data is allowed, is not solved. It is probably unsolvable by watermarking and fingerprinting technologies. They always can be circumvented, whatever they creators are stating.  We treat every information shared with us with the utmost confidentiality.

To assess your special problems and risks feel free to contact us and take the advantage of our (fee based) consulting services. We are willing to answer any question if it does not compromise our mission.

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