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For commercial software developers
A solution for one of your most flexing problems

Description Guarantee

The software and recording industry suffers from a plague - piracy. So far no truly satisfying solutions have been found. All existing protection using cryptography can be circumvented because the key hiding technology is made right before the eyes of anybody (hackers, pirates, ...). In fact, only TPVS can handle this problem by its revolutionary software protection product using universal program encryption (UPE) based on a mathematical breakthrough in cryptography. As a special application of this technology we can make any program secure by creating something like a ``hologram'' from its most vulnerable elements. In other words we mix this critical element non-locally with the other parts of the program thus making it (practically) invisible. With the protection of our secure key hiding technology your programs cannot be cracked or modified or even easily reverse engineered. Well, in some cases this is not enough, but we can make a step further. If you need extra protection TPVS is here for you. By applying the full power of our universal program encryption (UPE) technology we can prevent reverse engineering completely. Your competitors or even criminals will have no chance to steal your ideas and methods! You can be in full control how much information you share about your products.

By a tamper-proof  serv-clieernt relationship you can control the number of copies of your program or data even if some of your customers give away the keys to your software.

Contact us to learn more about the complex encryption process. Exact pricing depends on your special needs and circumstances.

In all the above cases, if the protection is cracked or compromised in an other way , in the given guarantee period, and TPVS turns out to be responsible for that you will get your money back.

For more information see our FAQ and business policies pages.

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